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Systematic review articles

Usually systematic review articles are good research resources for doctoral students. The review articles provide synhesized knowledge about specific research area or topic, and they can be used to learn about the recent research trends in the field. Literature review articles can also be used as an example of how to do a systematic literature review and report the results of the literature review study. Often systematic literature analysis is done to analyse the scientific literature related to a specific topic, but the approach can also be used, for example, to learn about systems and tools developed within a specific area. The following page includes examples of review articles related to educational technology and ICT for development

Collection of literature review, meta-analysis or technological overview articles.

Design science research and design thinking

Design science research has been identified as a potential research framework for IMPDET-LE doctoral students. In the following page, we have collected literature related to design science research and design thinking:

Collection of literature related to design science research and design thinking

Other stuff

Lot of articles related to educational technology, online & blended and other issue can be found from Jarkko Suhonen's Zotero Library:


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