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The mobile application developed by the UoE students addressed one of project aims, which is to strengthen ICT integration into the forestry curriculum. Towards this aim, the students developed an app that would be used by forestry students and aid them in their daily forestry calculations, especially those that had been cumbersome for them. The app they developed
is called mTi Calc (mti means tree in Swahili, and calc is short for calculator).

The app assumes that a user has a plantation, and on that plantation, there are plots and within each plot there are a number of trees. Hence, a user is taken through a series of screens where they are first asked to enter the plantation details, then add a plot and choose the number of trees in the plot. For each tree, a user is asked to enter the diameter and height. After entering the tree details, the app shows the user the calculation results.

Overall, mTi Calc allows for the following: (1) performance and verification of forestry-related calculations in the classroom and field work (2) Inventory and value assessment of the trees, which improves investment decision making for local farmers.

The app was developed over a period of six months and involved seven students, three computer science and four forestry.

Below are screenshots of mTi Calc, with the last image illustration the structure of mTi Calc.

MtiCalc - screenshotMtiCalc - screenshot

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