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Introducing Myself

Welcome to my personal homepage!

I am a PhD student at the University of Eastern Finland, School of Computing. I joined the department in January 2018; doing my research work under IMPDET-LE research group. Briefly mentioning my past experience, I have been coordinating two projects under the Eritrea-Finland Higher Education Cooperation (HEI ICI) program since December 2015 and working closely for successful projects with University of Eastern Finland in ‘ICT Capacity Development in Eritrean Higher Education’, and with the Helsinki University Library in 'Digital Library and Library Automation in Eritrean Higher Education'. I have also been working for the University of Asmara and lately the Eritrea Institute of Technology, Eritrea, since the year 2000, mainly in the departments of ICT and IRM center. I have also worked for the Higher education at different levels of academic positions. Moreover, I have been the National Coordinator for Tele-Education Programs under the Pan African eNetwork Project since 2009. In general, I have been working for Eritrean Higher Education Institutions since November 2000.

Currently, I am working for the school of computing at the University of Eastern Finland on the research project called ‘Vauhtia Uralle’ that aims to provide flexible paths to the skills needs of a working life, mainly for young graduates. I am also representing UEF in the new Erasmus+ project called ‘TRUE – Transparency of Learning Outcomes through Blockchain Technology’ a consortium project of 8 European Institutions from academia and technology industry.

My Research Interest

Having done my MPhil thesis on ‘Generic Grid Computing Framework for Tertiary Education Institutions of South Africa’ at the University of Stellenbosch (RSA), my research interest has always been in the area of ICT Infrastructure, Networking, e-resources organization and management, Knowledge Management over ICT Infrastructure, Information organization and retrieval, and lately on Educational technologies. Currently I am working for my PhD research on the study area related to ‘ICT Enhanced Knowledge Resources Management model for higher education’ in the context of my country, Eritrea, and developing countries in general.

Research Publications

Yigzaw, Samuel Tewelde; Jormanainen, Ilkka; and Tukiainen, Markku (2021). Knowledge Sharing in the Higher Education Environment of Developing Economies – The Case of Eritrea.  The African Journal of Information Systems: Vol. 13 : Iss. 3 , Article 6. Available at:

Ghosh, S. & Yigzaw, S. (2020). Teachers’ Readiness for TPC Integration in Higher Education: A Case Study in Eritrea. i-manager’s Journal of Educational Technology, Vol. 16 l No. 4 l January - March 2020

Yigzaw, S., Jormanainen, I., & Tukiainen, M. (2019). Trends in the Role of ICT in Higher Education Knowledge Management Systems: A Systematic Literature Review. In Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality (TEEM '19) (pp. 473-480). ACM, New York, NY, USA.

Tewelde, S.T. & Ghosh, S. (2019). Contextual challenges in the process of TPC integration in Eritrean Higher Education. Think India, 22(2), 6209-6214.

Tewelde, S. & Ghosh, S. (2018). Technology Aided Pedagogy and Content in Higher Education Institutions, the case of Eritrea. IMPACT: International Journal of Research in Engineering & Technology, 6(5), 1-6.

Ghosh, S. & Tewelde, S. (2017). Application of Instructional Technology in promoting KAP in a new learning paradigm in Eritrean Higher Education. The Signage, Vol. 5 (2). ISSN 2455 – 0051

Mutafungwa, E., Hamalainen, J., Tewelde, S., Kifle, R., Tesfazghi, T., Moreno, A., Duveskog, M. & Jormanainen, I. (2017). A collaborative approach for local training on contemporary mobile technologies in Eritrea. 811-816. 10.1109/AFRCON.2017.8095587.

Eyalarasan1, K., Tewelde, S., Yohannes, A., Habteslasie, T., Karthikeyan, K. (2013). Anaerobic Co-Digestion Of Cafeteria Wastes And Cow Dung Mixtures For Biogas Production. International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT), 2(3)

Yigzaw, S.T. (2005). A generic campus grid computing framework for tertiary institutions: the case of the University of Stellenbosch. Thesis (MPhil), University of Stellenbosch, RSA. Accessible from:

Under process for publication

Yigzaw, S., Jormanainen, I., & Tukiainen, M. (2021). Information systems in developing countries: Opportunities and Challenges. In Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality (TEEM '21)

Agbo, Friday; Yigzaw, Samuel; Sanusui, Ismaila; Oleyere, Solomon; Mare, Alem (2021). Examining theoretical and pedagogical foundations of computational thinking in the context of higher education. Frontiers in Education conference 2021 (FIE).

Workshops and Conferences Participation

Koli-Calling International Conference, Koli, Finland                                                 Nov 2019

QITCOM 2019 International ICT Conference and Symposium, Doha, Qatar             Oct 2019

Koli-Calling International Conference, Koli, Finland                                                 Nov 2018

National Conference on Eritrea Specific HEI ICI projects, Helsinki, Finland               May 2018

National Conference on Eritrea Specific HEI ICI projects, Asmara, Eritrea                 Mar 2018

eLearning Africa International Conference, Mauritius,                                              Sep 2017

                  *Presented a paper on ICT Capacity Development for Eritrean Higher Education.       

UbuntuNET Alliance Regional conference, Entebbe, Uganda,                                    Nov 2016

International Conference on Eritrean Studies, Asmara, Eritrea                                    Jul 2016

               *Presented a paper on the National ICT Infrastructure and ERUNET Plan   

eLearning Africa International Conference, Cairo, Egypt                                          May 2016

Pan African eNetwork Projects Workshop and Training, New Delhi, India                 Mar 2011

ASARECA, Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Conference, Entebbe, Uganda       Nov 2006


Official Travels Abroad

Project Coordination, Development and Training Visits to Finland      Dec 2015 –    Mar 2018

                                                                (Several short-time visits) 

Institutional cooperation mission to Hungary, University of Miskolc                         Feb 2012

                                        And Germany, Senior Experts Service (SES)                       Feb 2012

Eritrean Higher Education Mission to India,                                                              Feb 2010


Contact Details


Skype: Samuel.ict4eedu

Mobile: +358 50 302 9101  /  +358 41 723 8949

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