An important part of doctoral studies in the IMPDET-LE programme is to write and publish a set of research articles. The articles published during the doctoral studies will, in most cases, eventually form the core content of the doctoral dissertation. In this page, we have collected important aspects that need to be taken into consideration when writing the research articles.

It is strongly encouraged that you will go through the checklist before submitting the research article or even before giving a draft of the article to your supervisor for reading/commenting. Please note that individual supervisors might have their own preferences and requirements for the structure and content of the article.

Kindly also note that this is just one example of the possible structure. For example, some publication forums might have specific requirements for the structure of the article or specific type of research articles (for example, technical papers, theoretical work, literature review) might have a different structure.


Characteristics of titles:

Typical structure of a research article



Background/Literature/Related work

Research design and methods


Discussion & Conclusion

General pieces of advice

Technical aspects

1) Make sure that the references are correctly and consisently formulated both in the body text and the in the reference list. Please remember to check from the publication forum instructions what reference style should be used.

2) Spell check the text very carefully

3) Check that all figures and tables have headings. Also, check that each figure and table is referred in the body text.

4) Check the word/page limits, and most importantly respect the limits. Shorten the article if needed. Do not send an article that is too long.

List of resources to support the writing process

  1. Publishing content - training webcasts for researchers by Elsevier
  2. How to write a journal paper in seven days - A Prezi presentation by Dr. Inger Mewburn