NameKimmo Juhani Katajala



Archivist's diploma:National Archives, 18.12.1987

Ph.DUniversity of Joensuu, 02.11.1994 (Finnish History)

Academic work experience:

01.08.2010-- University of Eastern Finland, Department of Geographical and Historical Studies. Professor of History.

01.08.2005--31.07.2010 University of Joensuu, Department of History. Professor of History.

01.08.2003--31.07.2005 Academy of Finland, Academy research fellow,University of Joensuu, Karelian Institute.

01.07.1989--31.07.2003 University of Joensuu, Karelian Institute, Research fellow in several projects

01.01.1989--31.05.1992 University of Joensuu, Faculty of Humanities, Lecturer in Cultural Anthropology.

Short list of other academic posts and prizes:

-  Member of the Committee for Public Information in Finland 2012--

-  Member of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters 2012--

-  Chair of the Finnish Historical Society 2005--2007

-  Member of the board of Finnish Historical Society 2001--2007

-  Fellow of the Finnish Literature Society, since 2003.

-  Prize: Research Book of the Year in Finland 2002 (monograph: Suomalainen kapina: Talonpoikaislevottomuudet ja poliittisen kulttuurin muutos Ruotsin ajalla (n. 1150-1800)

-  Docent in History, University of Tampere, Faculty of Humanities, since 2000.

-  Researcher Fellow of the Finnish Historical Society, since 1997

-  Scandinavian Journal of History, Finnish editor 17.2.1995--1.1.2002.