Project was a collaboration between the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) and Chepkoilel University College (CUC), now the University of Eldoret with funding from the Government of Finland (MFA).  The objective was to strengthen capacity for teaching of forestry at CUC, with support from UEF utilizing its extensive experience and skills in forestry and ICT, especially educational technology.  The overall aim was to improve forestry education for enhanced management and conservation of forests and other tree resources in Kenya for sustainable environment and socio-economic development as stated in the Kenya Forestry Policy.

Six result areas were then elaborated as follows;

(i) Review of forestry education policy and curriculum to re-define the role of forestry professionals including emerging national and global issues;

(ii) Development and dissemination of modern and relevant learning materials/resources;

(iii) The use of ICT in generating new skills and competencies among forestry professionals;

(iv) Development of quality assurance systems in forestry education;

(v) Networking to enhance awareness of the role of forestry in local, national and international development; and

(vi) Coordination of the project. 

Most of the activities were implemented through partnerships between experts from the UEF and CUC. Another important aim was to find ways to emphasize to local people the importance of forests for their livelihood. This included more intense connection and discussions between CUC and surrounding society (workshops and seminars) as well as co-operation with local primary schools both in Eldoret and in Joensuu which resulted in designing and implementing mobile forest game using state-of-the-art technology. This game shows why it is important to have forests in one’s livelihood and also differences between forests in Kenya and in Finland. The project was very successful achieving the most important aims set for it and produced useful experience for both institutions involved. 

Find here the project brochure.

The project is also supported by the following partners:

Global Village

Regional Council of North Karelia

Results of project:

  • EntVenture game. The schools of Forest Science and Computing at UEF together with the University of Eldoret in Kenya have launched an Android mobile game to engage the community and disseminate information. Game available here

  • Learning Management System. Newly developed learning management system at University of Eldoret.

  • Website for School of Natural Resource Management.