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Tel: +1-604-283-6145 (Canada) Mobile: +041-479-2928 (Finland)


richtor at student.uef.fi    or    tortorella at ieee.org

Brief Bio

Who am I? That is a very good question - one that I have been pondering myself for quite some time ...

I am currently a Doctoral Candidate in the School of Computing at the University of Eastern Finland.

I am also married and a proud father of two lovely girls.


My current research is based on the creation of a generic platform for adaptive context-aware expert systems. In other words, an adaptive context aware AI system.

Research Activity


Published works

  •  Richard Tortorella and Sabine Graf (2012). Personalized Mobile Learning Via An Adaptive Engine. International Workshop on DULP & SPeL: Exploring Emerging Technologies and the Future of Technology Enhanced Learning. Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT 2012), IEEE Computer Society, July 2012, Rome, Italy, pp. 670 - 671.
  • Sabine Graf, Kinshuk, Keri Baumstark, Farman Ali Khan, Paul Maguire, Ahmed Mahmoud, Tricia Rambharose, Victoria Shtern, Richard Tortorella, and Qingsheng Zhang (2012). Adaptivity and Personalization in Learning Systems based on Students' Characteristics and Context. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Smart Learning Environments (SLE 2012), February 2012, Edmonton, Canada, pp 33-36.


Assistant Editor for

Reviewed Papers for:


  • ·         Educational Technology Research & Development, 2014
  • ·         EFQUEL Innovation Forum/LINQ Conference 2014
  • ·         1st International Conference on Human Factors in Computing & Informatics (SouthCHI 2013)
  • ·         19th Intl. Workshop on Personalization and Recommendation on the Web and Beyond (ABIS 2012)
  • ·         International Conference on Exploratory Learning in Digital Age (CELDA 2012)
  • ·         4th Workshop "Enterprise Systems in Higher Education" (ESHE12)
  • ·         The International Conference on Technology for Education 2012
  • ·         International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK 2012)
  • ·         Cognition and Exploratory Learning in Digital Age 2011
  • ·         IADIS International Conference www/internet 2011



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