Richard A.W. Tortorella

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Tel: +1-778-807-6552 (Canada)


tortorella(at) or richtor(at)


Brief Bio

Who am I? That is a very good question - one that I have been pondering myself for quite some time ...

I am currently a Doctoral Candidate in the School of Computing at the University of Eastern Finland.

I am also married and a proud father of two lovely girls.


My current research is based on the creation of a generic platform for adaptive context-aware expert systems. In other words, an adaptive context aware AI system.

My PhD advisor is Dr. Kinshuk:


Published works


Reviewed Papers for:

  • Ninth European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, 2014
  • International Journal of Distance Education Technologies, 2014
  • Educational Technology Research & Development, 2014
  • EFQUEL Innovation Forum/LINQ Conference 2014
  • 1st International Conference on Human Factors in Computing & Informatics (SouthCHI 2013)
  • 19th Intl. Workshop on Personalization and Recommendation on the Web and Beyond (ABIS 2012)
  • International Conference on Exploratory Learning in Digital Age (CELDA 2012)
  • 4th Workshop "Enterprise Systems in Higher Education" (ESHE12)
  • The International Conference on Technology for Education 2012
  • International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK 2012)
  • Cognition and Exploratory Learning in Digital Age 2011
  • IADIS International Conference www/internet 2011


A little bit more

I am also an avid motorcyclist and play the guitar and bongo drums for fun - much the chagrin of those around me. Beyond that, when not at work, working on my research or raising my children, I sleep.

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