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Academic Skills in Forest Sciences
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Katja Koppinen
(Sep 08, 2015)
academia, course
A student starting a MSc programme needs a deep understanding on writing and reading scientific reports and how the different dissemination channels work in science. Academic Skills in Forest Sciences introduces all aspects related to scientific discourse and academia. The course has already some tradition, and it was originally conceived for students of the MSc of European Forestry in 2010, in order to prepare them for the final thesis, and shortly after it was then open to all students of the School of Forest Sciences of the University of Eastern Finland. The course was originally conceived by David Gritten followed by Javier Arévalo, under the leadership of Paavo Pelkonen and Timo Tokola, and several instructors have been involved along years. The present form of the course started in 2015 and has been designed and coordinated by Blas Mola and Olalla Díaz; it includes lectures, workshop exercises, a closing seminar with your oral presentations, as well as independent and collaborative work on learning tasks at this Wiki learning environment.